La Bota Roja: From zero to hero


The reinvention of an 80-year old shoe store retailer from Chile. Today, all their sales processes are in sync using our Initus core engine.

La Bota Roja is currently running:

Monthly sales transactions

SKU's Inventory Management

Oracle NetSuite to Shopify Initus Connector

A little bit Founded in the early 1940s, La Bota Roja, started as a family business with a flagship store on the main street of Parral, a historic small town in the Linares Province of Chile’s Maule Region. Situated between mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and ingrained with a thriving passion for agriculture, the store location became a hub for social gathering — and also getting footwear.

Over the years, La Bota Roja developed a reputation for excellent customer service, which led them to open three additional stores throughout Linares, Parral before the pandemic outbreak in 2020. With the onset of the new pandemic reality, of quarantines and store closures, the brand knew that they had to do something bold. They knew that going digital was the only strategy that was going to enable them to not only weather the pandemic storm, but that would also put them in a solid strategic position for years to come.

Currently La Bota Roja —running Shopify integrated with NetSuite ERP— is managing more than 100k transactions monthly and 20,000 SKUs. Leaving behind the idea of a company that is always being tech dependent to become tech-savvy. Using robust technologies on your side, you can start trusting your processes to something bigger.