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A world of possibilities can happen with Initus Cloud

Better together

Having the right tool for the right task is always a good idea, but have you thought about combining tools and functionalities? The outcome is just extraordinary! 

At Initus Cloud, we love to think about how to make the perfect match for your enterprise apps and improve their performance.

Integrate your Orders,Shipping,Leads,Products,Inventory,Contacts,Financial Statements,Campaigns,Team updates,Data entries,Timesheets,Contracts,Opportunities

Initus Cloud supports a list of world-trusted enterprise solutions using our model of pre-built integrations. Designed to reduce the implementation time and increase the features available, the list here grows every time!

Find your perfect combo and start imagining all that you can do with Initus Cloud.

Initus Cloud can do this and many other things

Maintain inventory in sync from Shopify and retail stores

Use NetSuite as your inventory control tool and maintain your counts accurately. Initus Cloud can calculate inventory available LIVE for your products even if they are selling at different points of sale using a single NetSuite location.  

Create Sales Order in NetSuite when Opportunity is won in Salesforce

Get a new Sales Order immediately after you win an Opportunity in Salesforce. Your orders are in sync without manual effort, your team is in sync, and your business runs smoothly.

Update your accounting books with daily orders and refunds

Consolidate all your sales and refunds from Shopify and Quickbooks effortlessly. Send your numbers instantly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Your books will never look better. Initus Cloud gives you total control and trust in your accounting books without manual help. 

Publish your new collection in Shopify in one step

Combine NetSuite’s CSV update functionality with Initus Cloud to prepare and publish your brand-new collection in Shopify in a single step. Initus Cloud can process hundreds of records in a single tenant effortlessly to make your product lunch simply spectacular!

Even better when you see it

See Initus Cloud in action our pre-built integration between NetSuite and Shopify in the Orders module.


An easy to read dashboard that lets you manage every process.

Data Consistency

Keeping your valuable data consistent, safe and secure using enterprise security standards.


For every industry who wants to automate its operations saving time and money.

Beyond the Pre-Built

Request specific Integration actions across your systems.

Don’t see your app?

No problem

If you’re trying to integrate with any applications that weren’t listed above, Initus Cloud can still integrate with them.

Send us a message to discuss your new integration.

“Initus has allowed us to automate mundane work, create efficient workflows, and make data-driven decisions.”

Rita Weissman – Intius Cloud User

We are passionate about solving integration challenges

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